Deidre Knight on a Writing Retreat

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What is your favorite part about the agent client relationship? The best part, for me, is the collaborative effort to create the best story possible. I’m a very hands-on, editorial agent. That means my clients and I establish some incredible camaraderie as we work on our common goals—putting their work in front of editors who ...

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Why our creative brains need a break.

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Do you need rest? We’ve all felt it. That slow creep of exhaustion that has nothing to do with getting enough sleep, but everything to do with work, work, work. As writers, we work hard. If we aren’t a full-time writer, then we’re a part-time writer, full-time worker, and probably a full-time family member or ...

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TJ da Roza on Writing, Publishing, and Retreating

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What is your favorite part about the publishing process? Working with the authors. I love being invited into an author’s world and asked to help mold an already amazing story into something magical. There is something truly special in taking something that somebody else loves and helping it to become something that everyone will love. ...

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