I’m honored to be a guest poster for the award-winning blog, Writers in the Storm. They have a plethora of wonderful resources for writers on writing craft and more, and they allowed me to talk about some of my favorite things, writing and creativity!

Here’s a snippet of the post, and a link to read more!

Have you noticed the “lean-in” effect when you talk about writing to a muggle? Or how muggles and other writers smile when you explain your story idea, hands waving all over as you describe a new world, new characters, and what tickled your interest with the story in the first place?

You know what that is, right?

It’s attraction.

How To Harness The Attraction Of Passion

When I say “attraction,” I’m not talking about it in the romantic sense, though this is certainly applicable to romance IRL. It’s more of a force, like gravity, something that others cannot resist.

Passion is attractive. Passion is a force of nature. Passion belongs to creatives.

There. That’s your mantra for today. But let’s break it down.

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