Cruising Writers "Title Waves" on the December 2015 Writing Retreat

Cruising Writers "Title Waves" on the December 2015 Writing Retreat

by Steena Holmes, NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author

Sun. Sand. Surf.

Those three words have me smiling and day dreaming about days to come where I can soak up the sun, dig my feet in the sand and listen to the sound of the waves to lull me to sleep.

It also leaves me with excitement knowing I'm about to get away with other fellow writers to do what we all do best.


No matter where you are on your journey as a writer, being around others who understand your passion, who have the same thirst to learn their craft and to write feeds a part of our creative souls that sitting alone behind a desk can't.

As writers, we often hear that we've chosen a lonely profession, that there is only one person who writes a story, one person who sends the hours/days/months and possibly years, it takes to draft a novel worthy of being read.

A Writing Retreat Defeats Writer Loneliness

But when you join others on a writing retreat – whether it's on an amazing cruise, in a French chateau or anywhere else – you quickly realize you are not alone.

You're not. Trust me. There are others exactly like you and I who have the same passion, the same drive, the same desires to write and what better place than on a writing retreat to meet them?

Whether it's sitting together over coffee first thing in the morning before you start a session where you learn more about your craft, over lunch where you stare out over the ocean waves and get to know each other, or during a writing session where you are soaking in the sun out on the deck with your laptops on tables and your creative juices are flowing along with all the soda (or something a little stronger) you can drink – there's one thing that quickly happens.

Friendships are formed.

Last year, after the cruise in December, I walked away energized, ready to tackle my WIP and even plotted a new idea for a story.

I can't wait for October. I can't wait to sit on my balcony and sip coffee while I watch the sun rise. To meet new friends and talk about our shared passion. To soak up the sun and work on a story. To dive into edits to create a stronger story. To take some 'me time' and snorkel in the crystal clear blue waters of Belize. To spend time learning more about my craft so I can be a stronger writer.

Will you come with me?