You subscribed to Cruising Writers a while ago. You’ve watched the announcements about cruises. You’ve considered sailing the Caribbean with other writers. You’ve wondered if the time and cost are really worth it. You’ve been on the fence.

What would it take for you to prioritize an event that could boost your writing career? To get you on the 2020 cruise?

Quality Presenters

You’re not going to go to a writers conference that won’t teach you much of anything. Or you shouldn’t. Your time, money, and effort are all valuable! You need to know the presenters are worth your investment.

We’ve got you covered!

Angela Ackerman is a writing coach and the bestselling co-author of the Descriptive Thesaurus series. She’ll present a two-day master course on building powerful characters and arcs, as well as giving cruisers one-month access to her One Stop for Writers Character Builder tool to develop characters that make their stories shine.

Darynda Jones is a New York Times and USA Today bestseller. She has authored 17 books and won numerous awards, including a Golden Heart®, a Rebecca, two Holt Medallions, a RITA®, and a Daphne du Maurier. 

We’ll also have a literary agent on board, to be announced as soon as we get that finalized.

Inspiring Location

Traveling can motivate writing.

Unusual destinations serve as book research, refreshment for our minds, and inspiration for our novels. Science has repeatedly shown that new experiences can stir our creativity!

In 2020, we’ll be cruising the Caribbean with stops at Cozumel, Mexico; Costa Maya, Mexico; and Roatan, Honduras. Surely at least one of these locations has rather different scenery from your usual, where I write view.

Writing Cruise for Authors
Costa Maya Writers Cruise
Costa Maya

Distinguishing Features

Fantastic presenters, greats ports of call—but still, what distinguishes a Cruising Writers event from others? Is it simply another conference at sea?

Ask anyone who’s been, and they’ll tell you what makes Cruising Writers special is not just the cruise itself, with delicious food and on-board activities, or presenters that represent the best of the best, or cool locations to explore. Rather, it’s the connections you create.

With 7 days on this cruise, you bond with other writers who come from various backgrounds themselves and are in different stages of the journey. You chat with a presenter for a couple of hours at dinner. You go dancing at a cruise ship nightclub or paddle boarding at the beach with an agent. You get in your word count with other cruisers by the side of the pool or in a cruise ship lounge. You ask and receive excellent critique right on the spot.

It’s seven days of cruising that yields lifelong connections.

Best Value

You only have so much time and/or money you can spend on a writing conference. Is this the right one? Well, obviously I think the answer is a big, fat yes. But you understandably want to be responsible and make sure.

In which case, ask cruisers who’ve been before. Or just read a few of their testimonials.

“If you’re serious about writing, nothing out there offers the kind of value you’ll get from Cruising Writers.”
~ Fantasy Author Jason Beymer

“One of the best things I’ve done for my career and writing in years!”

~ Steena Holmes, NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author

“Money is an issue, you say? This is the best value you’re ever going to find.”

~ Laura Drake, RITA Award-winning Author

Read more testimonials HERE.

It IS time to go! You and your writing career deserve it.