How Margie Lawson’s Teachings Changed My Life

July 4, 2016By Christina Delay

Have you ever met someone and knew, from like the first second, that they would change your life?Margie Lawson was that person for me.  A little over three years ago, I was struggling as a writer. I had done all I could on my own and I knew enough to know what I had done … Read More

Why a Writing Cruise is Integral to Deep Character Research

July 1, 2016By Christina Delay

By Julie GloverWe gathered on deck for the ship’s safety talk that precedes every cruise. Huddled into assigned groups, we signed away any comfortable personal space and waited for the all-clear signal to disperse. Which took a long time.I scanned the crowd, curious about those around me who had also boarded the ship. Were they … Read More

Why It’s Imperative to Take a Life Break as a Writer

June 27, 2016By Christina Delay

I opened a life bank account about a year ago to help keep me productive. What’s a life bank account? Well, it’s like a regular account, only instead of dollars, I have hours. Or minutes. Sometimes seconds. Regardless, each day, I start fresh with twelve hours in my life bank account. It’s up to me … Read More

Why a Writing Cruise has the biggest Return on Investment

June 24, 2016By Christina Delay

Guest post by Melinda VanLone, author of the House of Xannon seriesI’ve attended a lot of conferences over the past several years. Everything from RWA to ThrillerFest, from DragonCon to Cruising Writers. I’ve learned something from all of them, but the one I found most inspiring, with the most return on my investment, was Cruising Writers.Why? Three … Read More

Can Writers Control Their Muse?

June 20, 2016By Christina Delay

Muses are probably the most cursed beings to ever exist. When they visit, they bring with them the highest of highs…creative power. Artists, writers, and philosophers have long praised the muse.And cursed her when she left.   I wish I could write easily. I’m one of those guys who’s visited by the muse when things are … Read More

4 Truths about Writing and Dancing on a Cruise Ship

June 17, 2016By Christina Delay

When I took the inaugural Cruising Writers trip in December 2015 on my very first writing cruise, I hadn’t been clubbing in a gazillion years—give or take a few. But when we had the chance to go dancing one night, several of us cruising writers stepped into the nightclub and took the dance floor, strutting … Read More

Writers Need 4 Types of Creative Infusions

June 13, 2016By Christina Delay

Writers are solitary creatures. We’re mythical beasts that live in caves and produce magic from our fingertips that influence everyone in the world, no exceptions.  A writer is the most powerful creature to exist in the universe. But even such powerful beings need food and drink and yes, occasionally some company.A writer’s food and drink are not … Read More

The Pricelessness of Experience

September 22, 2015By Christina Delay

The Unscheduled Value of a Retreat I’ve been to multiple industry conferences. I’ve attended more writing workshops than I have fingers and toes. I’ve participated in and hosted five-day long writing intensives in my home. And if I could place a price tag on each individual experience, the highest valued item would go to… Other … Read More

Pirate Diving in Grand Cayman

September 16, 2015By Christina Delay

Need to research that ghost ship book you’re working on? How about scuba diving in Grand Cayman to a shipwreck? Georgetown, Grand Cayman offers many scuba diving opportunities. Take a class on board the ship, get certified, and go on an excursion to the bottom of the sea!

Margie Lawson on Deep Editing Power

August 11, 2015By Christina Delay

Cruise. Network. Pitch. Learn!  The first two days on the cruise are big learning opportunities. We’ll dig deep into four topics: The EDITS System: The Ultimate Fix-Your-Scene Power Tool Writing Fresh Body Language and Dialogue Cues Top 20 Rhetorical Devices for Fiction Writers Not Your Mama’s Character Descriptions If you’re an Immersion Master Class grad, … Read More