Steena Holmes, NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author

One of the best things I’ve done for my career and writing in years!

Laura Drake, Rita Award-winning Author

A Writer’s Cruise? Who could say no? Money is an issue, you say? This is the best value you’re ever going to find. Sure, you get unlimited food, the beautiful ship, pools, gambling, shows. You get the destinations and shore excursions. You may even get a towel elephant on your bed at night. But let me tell you about what you don’t know is included:

Perfectly polished pages, thanks to Margie Lawson’s workshops and personal feedback. Workshops on many topical writing subjects. Meeting and pitching to a BIG time agent.

But for me, the biggest plus was the chance to network and form strong bonds with other amazing writers. I made many new friends that I’ll stay in touch with forever – It’ll fill your well, guaranteed.

Shana Gray, International Contemporary & Erotic Romance Author of Working Girl

My first retreat with Cruising Writers to the South of France was everything I expected, AND MORE! Well organized, attentive, current and vital content with room for some personal time to explore too! The sunrise brainstorming walks through vineyards were inspiring. I’d definitely consider another retreat with Cruising Writers. Recommended!

Author Kelsie Harman

The retreat was life-changing, but the First Pages Reading alone made the trip worth it. I get plenty of mentoring in my graduate program, but seeing both an agent and a publisher get excited about my project was priceless. Knowing all that hard work was paying off only made me want to work harder on the rest of my manuscript, and it’s an experience I’ll never forget.

Author Alicia Wright

Despite all I learned in my MFA program, this retreat taught me new information about my craft and the business of writing. It connected me with established and amazing book people, whom I’m now honored to call friends. And all of it happened in one of the most inspiring places I could imagine.

Fantasy Author Jason Beymer

I came into this experience thinking it would be more like a ‘convention on a cruise ship,’ but it wasn’t. Christina Delay and her staff exceeded my expectations. They created a comfortable social atmosphere among top literary agents and a renowned editing teacher. As an introvert, I came into this concerned about spending a week with strangers in the middle of the ocean. But after the first night, I was already comfortable and fully engaged in the experience. I have made new writer connections and friendships that will last forever, had wonderful conversations with well-known literary agents, and learned the intricacies of an incredible editing system I plan to implement in my own work. If you’re serious about writing, nothing out there offers the kind of value you’ll get from Cruising Writers.

Author Julie Glover, Golden Heart Finalist

Cruising Writers keeps pulling me back because it’s a unique experience that enhances my writing in so many ways.

Author Melinda VanLone

I’ve been to a lot of writing conferences over the years, but I have to admit Cruising Writers is now my favorite way to conference. I love the venue…not only is cruising fun, but the length is unique for any kind of writerly learning outside of a university setting. A full week focused on the craft of telling stories means you get the chance to really dig deep on the concepts, to ask any and all questions, and to bond with a new network of friends that will be there for you when you go back to the lonely task of actually writing the story.

Author Marly Faulkner

Cruising Writers was an incredible experience. I was so pleased to have a two day workshop with the incredible Margie Lawson. I cannot even express how much I learned from her. But the learning didn’t stop there. Having the opportunity to socialize and brainstorm with so many authors and aspiring authors, along with Margie Lawson and the incomparable Deidre Knight was priceless. I had a fabulous time and came back a better writer and increased confidence. I can’t wait for the next cruise!