Deidre Knight on a Writing Retreat

It wasn't until our first writing retreat with literary agent, Deidre Knight, president of The Knight Agency, that I realized the immeasurable value of getting to spend seven straight days with a top professional in the writing industry.

A typical agent - aspiring author conversation happens under ten minutes with talk central to the author's story. There is rarely talk on a personal level and authors do not usually walk away from those conversations with confidence that they've made a real connection. At a conference, this type of interaction is even more exaggerated.

Not so on a writing retreat.

On a retreat with an agent, you have the opportunity to make a real, lasting connection. When you are ready to query that agent, you get a solid opening line to your query: We met and spent 7 days together in October 2016 on a writing cruise to Belize. <-- It's the best "remember me?" opener you could possibly have. Not only are you reminding them of a wonderful, relaxing time in paradise, but they will be able to immediately recall your face, name, and maybe even what dessert you ordered for dinner each night.

Here are just a few benefits to going on a writing retreat with a literary agent:

  1. One-on-one informal feedback on your current manuscript, outside of a pitching opportunity.
  2. Exclusive industry advice and publishing stories that you'd never hear at a conference.
  3. Develop a real relationship and connection with a powerful influence in the writing industry.
  4. Create new experiences together that are both memorable and fun.
  5. Opportunity to spend the day with an agent on our writing retreats -- you get exclusive one-on-one time with our agent in an exotic locale.
Deidre Knight on a Writing Retreat

Retreating with a literary agent gives you an opportunity to connect on a real level. You get the opportunity to share dinner and dessert, laughs and stories. You might even find a new friend.

After our December writing retreat, Deidre Knight, literary agent to star authors like Gena Showalter (NYT Bestselling Author) and co-authors Don Piper and Cecil Murphey (NYT Bestselling Authors of 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN), requested 8 full manuscripts, 4 partials, and signed at least 2 of our retreaters as new clients.

Are you willing to take the next step in your writing career? Are you ready to have the world at your feet? Our October cruise is filling fast and we still have room in our France retreat in 2017. Give yourself the gift of a rare opportunity to spend real, face-to-face time with a literary agent on a writing retreat.