5 Reasons to Invest in Rest: Why a Cruising Writers Retreat?

April 19, 2018By Christina Delay

I’m thrilled to have Kristen Lamb, our October cruise speaker and author marketing Jedi, visit with us today! She’s talking about one of my favorite things: REST and why REST is so so so so important to a creative’s life. Take it away, Kristen! by Kristen Lamb Rest is crucial, yet is often undervalued, mocked … Read More

Guest Post – Writing, Travel, and Creativity

March 28, 2018By Christina Delay

Did you know travel is scientifically proven to activate certain parts of the brain that contain your creativity centers? And, experiencing new cultures, food, languages–new experiences in general–actually create new synapses in your brain, leading to…you guessed it – higher creativity. Smack some writing down in the center of those new experiences and you’ve got a pretty foolproof recipe for fresh writing and unique characters.

Rachel Caine Visits Cruising Writers Writing Cruises

March 22, 2018By Christina Delay

I’m so excited to introduce you to the fabulous Rachel Caine, our resident author for the October writing cruise. I was lucky enough to get to meet her at a book signing earlier this year, and she is incredibly knowledgeable, hilarious, and passionate about writing, uplifting other authors, and books. I cannot wait to cruise … Read More

The Crumbling of Writing Dreams

March 15, 2018By Christina Delay

There used to be an old blue house next door to my parent’s lakehouse, abandoned before my parents moved in. It was an interesting cobbled-together house with three roof lines and a long balcony that stretched out over the boat dock above the water. After some investigating, we discovered that the house belonged to a … Read More

Guest Post: Writing and Traveling

January 31, 2018By Christina Delay

I’ve always told my boys it’s a big wide world out there and to take every opportunity you can to travel. The experience broadens you. Helps you see things from a different perspective. Allows you an insight into how other people live, cultures, and amazing differences we all have. It rounds you out and helps give understanding to the world around you.

So, how do you bring this all these travel experiences into your writing?

Discovering Your Writing Tribe Through Writing Workshops

January 17, 2018By Christina Delay

Through all the writing conferences and writing workshops I’ve attended over the years, I’ve never been to a single talk that teaches about handling rejection. Rejection’s a hard topic, especially when most of us would rather think about the potential success. Unfortunately, as authors, we’ve chosen to be involved in an industry that requires rejection…and for most of us, a boat-load of it!

Luckily, we have some great tools to deal with rejection.

Fighting the Borg with Writing Workshops

January 10, 2018By Christina Delay

Have you ever watched Star Trek: The Next Generation? Every few years my husband and I re-watch the entire series. The plots are cheesy, the writing is not the greatest, and I’m constantly having to tell my husband that I don’t care what the red lights are called on the outside of the Enterprise. I … Read More

Once upon a time, there was a princess…

January 4, 2018By Christina Delay

For Christmas, I found this really cool gift for my daughter. It’s called IlluStory by LuLu Junior, and it’s a kit for kids to make their own books, then send them off to be published. Pretty cool, right? (And don’t we wish it was that easy for adult writers?!) The kit comes with a How … Read More