I had the wonderful opportunity to post over at the award-winning blog, Writers in the Storm. They have a plethora of wonderful resources for writers on writing craft and more, and they allowed me to talk about one of my favorite things: Creative Well-Being and Writing Retreats.

Here’s a snippet of the post, and a link to read more!

You’ve heard about it. You’ve been in it. You may have even gotten lost in it.

The writing cave. The mystical hole we decorate with junk food and tea and bury ourselves in to meet deadlines.

It’s comfortable. We have our favorite, overstuffed chair and a wash-worn blanket we cuddle in. A candle flickers in the corner and soft music drifts around our shoulders like a mesmerizing piece of gauze, fluttering in the breeze that sneaks in through the cave’s opening. It reminds us there’s an outside world, so we turn our back and furiously type away at the keys.

The writing cave is a necessary place. When we have a deadline.


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