We’re thrilled to have Kerry Adrienne, USA Today Bestselling Author, on the blog today…and on the Margie Lawson Immersion cruise with us this December!

Kerry hits on a really key fact here about travel and writing. Did you know travel is scientifically proven to activate certain parts of the brain that contain your creativity centers? And, experiencing new cultures, food, languages–new experiences in general–actually create new synapses in your brain, leading to…you guessed it – higher creativity. Smack some writing down in the center of those new experiences and you’ve got a pretty foolproof recipe for fresh writing and unique characters.

Take it away, Kerry!

Kerry Adrienne, USA Today Bestselling Authorby Kerry Adrienne

Travel makes me happy. Happy and stress-free me makes me a much better writer. There’s something about seeing new places that sparks something in my brain and makes me see the world a little more clearly, and with wonder. Getting out of the same-old, same-old office and view out the window does wonders for my creativity.

I try to go on several writing breaks a year—get a hotel or apartment somewhere and write where there’s new scenery. This year, I have an intensive in TN, a week at the beach, a long weekend in Charleston, a week in the Smoky Mountains, a week in NYC (Broadway!), and the December Immersion Cruise. Additionally, I have several cons and signings in fun places like Florida, CO, and Chicago.

Writing and Editing with Margie Lawson

Sometimes I worry that the cost of all the travel doesn’t give me the return on investment, but then I remember—I always come home ready to work! You can’t put a dollar sign on a refreshed mind.

I have a few places that I love that always inspire me. New York City never fails to re-energize me. It’s my soul home and I try to go there a couple times a year. I stay in a different area as often as possible—NYC is a system of microcosms and you can get quite a different experience from each location. From the heart of Manhattan, to the regal Upper West Side, to the schmancy Upper East Side, to Brooklyn, to Queens…every view of NY is a great one.

Another place I love to go is Paris. Something about walking through the storied streets of that capital city just makes my heart fill with joy. I love the markets, the architecture, and the short drive to see castles and chateaus that would inspire anyone!

Writing in Paris

Prague is another city that really inspires me, though I’ve only been once. We stayed in Old Town, where cobblestones and street musicians line the walk and the Charles Bridge spans the river. Because Prague wasn’t hit directly by bombing in WWii, it’s very intact—from the 1300s. Our guide told us that a stray bomb hit (one that was destined for a factory outside of town), but mostly, it’s very different from say, Berlin, a city nearly razed in the war.

Another thing I like to do for mental rejuvenation is take the train. I love Amtrak—as long as I can get a roomette or bedroom. Nothing like sleeping on the train and waking up somewhere in America. The train is a great way to enjoy the landscape without worrying about driving or being tired. I get a lot of writing done on train trips. My latest trip was to a signing in New Orleans last month. The train trip is about twenty-one hours—plenty of time to get your fill. First class meals are included, and I always meet interesting people. Of course, the train is not what you want to do if you have to be on time somewhere. It’s inevitably late. The trip home was twenty-seven hours.

I can’t afford to travel every day, but I do try to get out in my little convertible and drive up to the lake near us. Taking in nature, a little sunshine, and seeing the water always inspires me and makes me happy. Add in some music, and I’m convinced the outing is an anti-depressant.

Thanks for having me—I am really excited about the cruise. I’ve never been on a cruise, and I look forward to seeing a slice of the world from the boat!

Kerry Adrienne


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  • I love this: “You can’t put a dollar sign on a refreshed mind.” I have three writing trips scheduled this year and really hope to add a few getaway weekends to my calendar.

    Sorry that I’ll miss you, Kerry, since I’ll be on the October cruise instead of December, but I’m sure you’ll have a great time! I’m a repeat client with Cruising Writers, and there’s just nothing quite like it.

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