Do you need rest?

We’ve all felt it. That slow creep of exhaustion that has nothing to do with getting enough sleep, but everything to do with work, work, work.

As writers, we work hard. If we aren’t a full-time writer, then we’re a part-time writer, full-time worker, and probably a full-time family member or friend. If we are a full-time writer, then we’re also a full-time marketer, full-time editor, full-time customer service rep, full-time…

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired!

Elements-of-HappinessA Scientific Excuse to Rest

Neuroscience has proven that the biggest threat to our creativity is being overworked and stressed. Recently, a group of scientists studying brain scans discovered that our brains are the most creative when we are resting.

Let me paint this scene for you. You’re on a boat. The water is lapping at the side of the metal hull with a hush, hush soft enough to slip into your subconscious. The waves are gentle, and you slowly sway on a warm deck. The sun grazes your bare toes, and sends a succession of prickles up your legs as your skin warms.

Your brain begins to recharge. The creative spirit in you stretches, loosens up its tight muscles. You close your eyes, but you can still see the flicker of puffy clouds in the blue sky. Something sparks, an idea. A new way to look at a plot problem. A difficult character finds redemption.

In taking back these precious moments from life, you’ve created something even greater for yourself. You’ve allowed your brain to operate at full capacity. You’ve given yourself the opportunity to create.