Cruising Writers Writing RetreatsThe Unscheduled Value of a Retreat

I’ve been to multiple industry conferences. I’ve attended more writing workshops than I have fingers and toes. I’ve participated in and hosted five-day long writing intensives in my home. And if I could place a price tag on each individual experience, the highest valued item would go to…

Other authors.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve gotten life-changing, career-changing, writing-changing education and advice from Margie Lawson, our Dec 13th cruise Keynote speaker. I would not be where I am today as a writer without the knowledge she has to offer. I’ve learned from feedback from agents and editors and have made adjustments to my work that have made me a stronger writer.

But there is something magical that happens when around other authors. It’s like, finding your tribe. Your natural state of being.

And when those other authors are bestsellers and masters in their genre (like Jaye Wells and Shelley Adina and Steena Holmes)…even better.

That’s what our writing retreats offer to our retreaters. We go beyond giving you a calm, peaceful place where you have permission to write and create. Beyond giving you the tools and the education and the professional advice from top educators, like Margie Lawson. Beyond opening up doors to pitch to an agent and editors.

We give you the chance to network with other authors. Masterful authors. BESTSELLING authors. You have the chance to pick their brain, get to know them, learn from their successes AND their failures.

So join us this December. You’ll learn. You’ll write. You’ll pitch. But most of all, you’ll experience that intangible, pricelessness.