What can you expect from our Writing Cruises?

Cruising Writers - Writing Cruise ShipThough you’ll be busy learning, writing, and accelerating your writing career, there are plenty of things to do on board a cruise ship. Check out this page at Royal Caribbean to see all of your options.

With Cruising Writers, we have our own designated meeting room. This is our room for the entirety of the cruise and you are welcome to use it as a writing escape at any time that we are not using the room for retreat events. However, if you’d like to write in your own room, in a lounge, or by the pool, you are welcome to do so. The Cruising Writers writing retreat is all about you.

We provide plenty of time for you to explore the ship, go on shore excursions, and visit the spa.┬áThis is a true retreat…with the added bonus of phenomenal teaching sessions and pitch events to industry professionals.

How does booking work through our site?

We have secured a block of rooms for our retreaters. Booking through this site reserves both your room and your writing cruise conference ticket. All taxes, gratuities, and port fees are included in this cost. Once we receive your booking, we pass along your initial information to Royal Caribbean. Royal Caribbean will assign you a booking number. With that number, you may book your shore excursions, spa appointments, and anything else that catches your fancy!