Writers Magic on a Writing Retreat

I recently started watching Emeril Lagasse's new show "Eat the World" on Amazon. Have you seen it? I'm absolutely in love because:

  1. It's free on Amazon.
  2. It supports everything I believe about creatives working together.

Emeril himself says, in the opening credits of the show, "When chefs get together, magic begins to start happening."


Did you see that?? 

"When chefs--" and we could easily replace the word chef with artist or writer or painter or duct-tape purse maker-- "get together, MAGIC begins to start happening."

I even love how he says that. Magic begins to start happening. That's two beginnings. A double helping. BAM!!!

Cooking is not why I watch this show.

I'm not a foodie. I enjoy cooking and I'll try any new food once, but cooking isn't my passion. I watch this show because it is contagious. Passion is contagious. Even as a spectator, you get caught up in these chefs' passion for their food and their own creative take on new methods, tantalizing spices, and really and truly mouth-watering meals.

This is what I want for each of you. I want you to get together, on a writing retreat, in your local writer's group, a brainstorming session, ANYTHING, and BAM!!! let the magic begin to start happening.

Are you willing to give it a try?

Are you brave enough to venture out of your known world on the quest for inspiration and, along the way, create writer magic with others who share your passion? It's never too late. Don't leave that page blank or full of cliches and genre tropes. Get out of your bubble. Explore your world.

Create magic.