Writing Retreat Muse

Muses are probably the most cursed beings to ever exist. When they visit, they bring with them the highest of highs...creative power. Artists, writers, and philosophers have long praised the muse.

And cursed her when she left. 


I wish I could write easily. I'm one of those guys who's visited by the muse when things are dire. ~ Eric Clapton

Experienced creatives can work without the muse, but there is no denying that when she visits, the creative work becomes something otherworldly. Time ceases to exist and the world fades away and what you are left with is a piece of art that somehow came from you...and didn't come from you.

What if you could invoke your muse on command?

I have a secret. Probably not the best-kept secret, but a secret nonetheless. 

The muse appears when writers gather. 

It's as if she cannot resist all those creative minds and hearts, cannot resist the pull of those intriguing thoughts and plot twists and story ideas. 

Maybe you've experienced this at a conference or a writing retreat. That magic that happens only when a group of writers gathers together. It's an energy, a life form, that breathes and feeds on creative energy. It's the muse. And she's addictive.

Once you experience the muse, you begin to crave her, seek out ways to recreate her, invoke her.

So, really? A muse you can control?


It happens on our writing retreats. Every. Single. Time.