Breathe Life into Story with Authentic Setting

July 24, 2017By Christina Delay

Have you visited yet? If not, head over there now! Jami Gold is an author of Paranormal Romance and Contemporary Romance, but not only that, she’s got a great blog with tons of writing tips for authors! I was thrilled to guest blog on her site about “How to Make Settings Come to Life … Read More

You and the Writing Cave

July 17, 2017By Christina Delay

I had the wonderful opportunity to post over at the award-winning blog, Writers in the Storm. They have a plethora of wonderful resources for writers on writing craft and more, and they allowed me to talk about one of my favorite things: Creative Well-Being and Writing Retreats. Here’s a snippet of the post, and a … Read More

What Happens in France…I share!

May 12, 2017By Christina Delay

France was a dream retreat. Not only did our retreaters receive quality craft teaching, but they also got valuable insights into the European markets from Kobo Writing Life and from Literary Translations. Things I’ve never before realized…like you have to reinvent your author self in another country. It’s not just the language barrier, it’s not just … Read More

So You’ve Decided to Write a Book

February 22, 2017By Christina Delay

What now? This is a question we get a lot. Aspiring authors who have either just decided to write a book or authors who have completed a book and aren’t sure what to do next. They wonder if they’ll learn how to write on our writing retreats. They wonder if our writing retreats are too … Read More

Magic Starts to Begin Happening

September 12, 2016By Christina Delay

I recently started watching Emeril Lagasse’s new show “Eat the World” on Amazon. Have you seen it? I’m absolutely in love because:It’s free on Amazon.It supports everything I believe about creatives working together.Emeril himself says, in the opening credits of the show, “When chefs get together, magic begins to start happening.”OMG!Did you see that?? “When chefs–” and we … Read More

The Magic of the Collective Creative

August 31, 2016By Christina Delay

I’ve been reading a lot about creativity. It fascinates me. What is this thing, this voice, that whispers stories and characters and other worlds to us? Some authors claim they have ghosts whisper untold bits of history to them. Others feel this cannot-be-ignored pressure to write. Others sit down and pour out the hard stuff, … Read More

Writing Cruise = Best Career and Writing Decision EVER!

August 26, 2016By Christina Delay

By Steena Holmes, NYT & USA Today Bestselling AuthorWhen I tell people that I’m going on a writing cruise I get one of two reactions.“A writing cruise? Really? You’re just looking for a write-off, right?”, or “Are you serious? A working cruise? This is legit?”Regardless of which response comes up, I smile and admit that … Read More

Why Travel? It’s Good for Your Heart.

August 22, 2016By Christina Delay

Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories. – Ray BradburyI love that, don’t you? The idea of stuffing your eyes with wonder. One of my favorite things is discovering something new, someplace I’ve … Read More

The Inspiration of Travel and Writing Retreats

August 12, 2016By Christina Delay

By Shelley Adina, Amazon Bestselling Author, RITA Award® Winner – 2005When I graduated from high school, lo these many years ago, unlike many of my peers, I didn’t go to university (I did that years later, finishing up with an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction). I graduated on Thursday and on the following Tuesday started work … Read More